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Perfect for you if:

  • You’re ready to start showing up hella consistently on social media so you can get visible AF & sell your impact but right now it feels a little hard because you’re not sure what content to post to attract clients
  • Or maybe you’re posting consistently but you’re ready to have a rock solid content strategy that you know is going to convert and not feel like you’re throwing spaghetti at the wall wondering when or how your next sales is going to come in.
  • You’re getting some engagement but you know, deep down that you’re ready to have comments filled with dream clients saying “this resonates so much!” and build massive trust with your dream clients so they buy faster.
  • You’re ready for a sales strategy that actually feels good online so you can fill your offers with dream clients & make the massive impact you know you're meant to make, but right now you’re not sure how to sell in your content without sounding clickbait or sales-y OR you’re not selling enough.

By joining the Baddie Money Method membership, you'll know exactly what to post every single week on Instagram and/or LinkedIn to attract high-paying clients.

Here's what that could look like for you...

  • Mastering your content strategy by learning the FOUR types of content you need to post to convert high-paying clients so you actually understand the buyer psychology behind content & how to make it convert.
  • Creating a whole week’s worth of content in a few hours using plug & play content templates without the mental fatigue of overthinking so you can focus your energy on the creativity part not the draining part!
  • Getting good engagement on your content from your *DREAM clients so you can increase your conversations with dream clients.
  • Actually feel inspired to be more active on social media because you're unearthing content ideas that live deep inside you.
  • Receiving inquiries in your DMs from super aligned clients who not only want your services but want to work with YOU because of your unique approach & personality.

What you get inside when you join:

  • Full portal of trainings for you to binge at your own pace on topics from converting content, to building an insanely engaged community of future buyers, to optimizing your LinkedIn profile & IG Bio, to selling in your Instagram Stories like a Baddie (with more trainings added every month!)
  • Access to weekly content templates to help you easily create content that converts on Instagram or LinkedIn (or both!) so you never have to wonder "WTF do I post to get clients?!" ever again.
  • Instagram Story plug & play templates to help you easily sell in your IG Stories like a Baddie.
  • Monthly group Q&A call where you can bring all your questions about content & selling and have them answered by Lena directly or get feedback on something you're working on.
  • A community of Baddies to plug into weekly who are also going ovaries to the wall in 2024 signing on dream clients with their content and stepping into Baddie Energy.

What clients inside are saying:

"Your templates are different from what I’ve experienced from other people. The way you set them up, it’s exactly what I NEED as a business owner. Not only for getting future clients but also to reduce my mental load when posting." — Chantel Bettencourt, Web Designer + Artist

"It's been an absolute game-changer for me. What sets it apart are the incredible templates that are not only easy to implement but also inject a dose of creativity into my content. The content I've created using Lena's strategies not only outperformed most of my previous posts but also helped me attract the right clients. As a result, I'm currently onboarding a client that perfectly aligns with me." — Melina Dio, Podcast Producer

"These prompts are NEXT LEVEL!!!!! I'm so happy 😁. You are magic 🪄 seriously." — Deonnah Carolus, Shopify E-commerce Store Expert

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